The suit, filed in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, alleges the water services company discriminated against a former employee’s gender, age and protected medical leave.

The woman says she was subjected to a “boys’ club” culture, had her complaints about it ignored, and was fired after taking leave caring for her sick husband and daughter.


Co-workers called the woman a “slut” and falsely claimed she “slept her way up the ladder,” according to the complaint filed in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania Monday.

She was told by her supervisors to just ignore it and to “let it roll off [her] back.” She says it escalated after she complained, with her getting groped on the job. She also claims the stress of the ordeal have her a pituitary tumor, causing headaches and vision problems.

The tech giant was sued by a former technical support worker who was offered a choice between severance and a probationary performance improvement plan.

The problems began when Intel absorbed the internet security company, McAfee. The worker says Intel discriminated against his “Trigger Point Syndrome,” which he was diagnosed with following a series of personal tragedies.