Employment Lawyers and Legal Services

Philadelphia Area

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Karpf Karpf & Cerutti

Phone: 215.639.0801

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One of the top employment firms on the east coast, Karpf Karpf & Cerutti has decades of combined experience in their field. They serve the PA, NJ and NY tri-state area. They are based in Buck’s County, PA. From their site: “employment claims are not just another type of civil litigation that an average law firm can handle. Employee rights claims require a very special kind of experience and knowledge not all lawyers or law firms have.”


Murphy Law Group

Phone: 267.273.1054

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Philadelphia-area specialists, MLG provides a variety of employment law services, from employee counseling to contracts to discrimination suits. This means they can provide expertise from all angles of labor law. From their site: “Employment law matters can be emotionally draining.  It is important to have a lawyer with experience handling employment law matters and who is dedicated to fighting for employee rights... We’re here to help.”


Sidney L. Gold & Associates

Phone: 215.569.1999

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Specializing in employer defense, and now with over 4500 lawyers working exclusively on employment cases, Sidney L. Gold & Associates has been at the forefront in their field for 40 years. From their site: “Our Philadelphia employment lawyers served as lead counsel in a class action discrimination suit against Abercrombie & Fitch, which was settled for $50 million dollars… Our NJ and PA employment lawyers possess significant experience in representing both private sector and public sector employees and employers in employment and civil rights matters.”


Console Mattiacci

Phone: 215.545.7676

With their website alone containing a plethora of information on employment law, Console Mattiacci have established themselves as a leading workers’ rights firm in the Philadelphia area. From their site: “With offices in Philadelphia, PA, and Moorestown, NJ, the attorneys at Console Mattiacci Law, LLC focus on employment law cases in the greater Philadelphia area. We help workers who have been unlawfully discriminated or retaliated against recover for the damage done by their employer, including lost back pay, lost future pay, emotional distress damages, punitive damages and attorneys’ fees and costs.”


Derek Smith Law Group

Phone: 877.469.5297

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Derek Smith Law Group charges no fee unless they recover damages, and they have recovered over $10 million in verdicts over the lase four years. This ranks them among the top employment firms in the nation, with a 10.0 Avvo rating from FindLaw.com. From their site: “When you have been the victim of unfair practices at work, you may not know where to turn. No matter if your place of employment is in New York City, New Jersey, Philadelphia, or Miami it was supposed to be a safe work environment – but now your employee rights have been violated. People might say that you cannot afford to hire an employment attorney, but you can because at the Derek Smith Law Group, you do not pay unless and until we are able to recover of your behalf”


Los Angeles Area

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Thomas M. Lee Law Offices

Phone: 213.251.5533

With top reviews on Yelp, Thomas M. Lee Law Offices boasts a strong local reputation in employment law, on both the employer and employee side. From their website: “If you feel that you were treated unfairly by your employer, chances are that you most likely were.Due to the fact that California law is designed to protect employees from employers who do not follow the strict laws, we have been very successful in not only recovering our employees clients’ unpaid overtime wages, but also additional penalties, interest, and attorney’s fees from many large company employers.


Rise Law Firm

Phone: 310.7286588

Rise specializes in employment law, covering everything to wage issues to whistle blower protection. They have four offices in the LA area and provide a Spanish translation for their webpage. From their website: “Our attorneys are particularly well known for handling high profile matters, winning cases against celebrities, government officials, and C-level executives.  We represent individuals from all walks of life and all levels of employment, from CEOs, CFOs and COOs to minimum wage employees, and everything in between.”


Employees First Labor Law

Phone: 310.853.3461

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Employees First Labor Law provides a live chat option on their site, as well as host a great deal of information on employment law, including a free e-book. They also boast a zero fee guarantee unless they win. From their site: “Our typical client has been fired for an illegal reason, has been discriminated against because of their race or gender or religion or sexual orientation, has been sexually harassed or retaliated against, hasn’t been paid overtime or their fair wage, or is facing a workplace injury. We’re labor law experts. We’re here to help you through this difficult time.”


Easley Law

Phone: 310.734.9789

Easley has extensive experience in retaliation, discrimination, benefits and other fields of employment law throughout California. A smaller firm, they keep a close eye on relationships with clients, earning them high review scores online.