A music teacher is suing his former employer because it failed to rectify a condition that aggravated his respiratory problems. Purse filed his action in the Southern District of New York alleging that he was forced to resign as a result of the school district’s failure accommodate his disability and seeks damages both compensatory and punitive.

Co-workers called the woman a “slut” and falsely claimed she “slept her way up the ladder,” according to the complaint filed in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania Monday.

She was told by her supervisors to just ignore it and to “let it roll off [her] back.” She says it escalated after she complained, with her getting groped on the job. She also claims the stress of the ordeal have her a pituitary tumor, causing headaches and vision problems.

A Lead Worker in the Office of Voter Registration was sued in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania for allegedly exposing himself to co-workers. The man was found guilty of indecent exposure and criminal attempt of indecent assault without consent in December of 2016. One of the flasher’s victims has now sued him and the city for causing injuries including but not limited to depression, anxiety and PT