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There are plenty of people providing information on the legal and human resources sides of employment and labor law, but what about the management side? It’s no secret that recent changes in the workplace mean heightened sensitivity, and that’s like blood in the water for employment and civil rights attorneys. Employers and managers now more than ever need to know how proactively avoid legal trouble. Litigation is costly, avoid the hassle.

As modern managers, we know you understand the value of having proactive knowledge on your side in day-to-day interactions in the workplace.

We provide employers and managers with information on current legal cases to help them know what not to do in the workplace to avoid lawsuits. Whether it’s asking for a baby’s due date, or a dress-code, there’s no telling what you may be sued for these days. Plenty of services help once you do get sued, but anyone who knows about civil litigation knows it’s something you’ll want to avoid in the first place. That’s why settlements are so common.

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