Hospital Group Giant Sued for Racism and Religious Discrimination over Head Covering

Mount Sinai Hospitals Group, Inc. is being sued by a female employee who claims she was discriminated against because of her gender, race and religion, was retaliated against for complaining and ultimately unlawfully discharged.

Annmarie Everett was hired by Mt. Sinai in November 2014, according to the complaint. She practices Pentecostal baptism, which includes wearing a head covering daily. In November 2016 a supervisor directed Everett to remove her head wrap. When she explained she wore it for religious observance she was told “I do not care about your religion. Take it off!” She was threatened with disciplinary action if she refused. 

Everett filed a discrimination complaint with Mt. Sinai’s compliance department, but claims she never received a response. She continued to feel “pressured to remove her head wrap, for fear of losing her job, so after several attempts to seek appropriate recourse, [she] made the difficult decision to stop wearing her head wrap for fear of further retaliation.”

Everett claims that the supervisor of her department “had a pattern and practice of timing the female employees whenever they went to the restroom, and sent female employees into the restroom to check on the other women,” including herself. Male employees were not so monitored.

In December, 2016 Everett claims her supervisor instructed two male co-workers to follow her around, including monitoring her bathroom breaks. She claims this was done because of her race and gender; male and non-African American employees were not followed.

In February 2017 Everett got a new supervisor who immediately began discriminating against her and the other women in the department, according to the complaint. This new supervisor told the women to perform the men’s cleaning tasks “because girls are supposed to do the cleaning,” the complaint states. The men were told they did not have to worry about their jobs because the supervisor only wanted to get rid of the women.

Everett claims that another supervisor called her a “big-mouthed Black woman,” in July 2017. In August 2017 she claims she “received a false write-up with a five-day work suspension because of her race, gender, and religion, and in retaliation for her complaints of discrimination,” the compliant states.

In September 2017 Everett was told that the reason for her write-up was due to “poor work performance.” She was also told that she was the “slowest and worst employee in the entire department.” In the complaint she claims this was because of her race, gender, religion, and in retaliation for her complaints of discrimination.

In June 2018, Everett was terminated by Mt. Sinai. Everett is represented by Abraham Melamed who filed the complaint in the Southern District of New York.