Papa John’s Faces Class Action for Minimum Wage, Overtime Violations

A suit seeking class and collective action status to cover current and former employees of Papa John’s has been filed in federal court in California. It claims that Papa John’s violated federal, California, and New York law by failing to pay minimum wage and overtime.

The suit claims that Papa John’s required all employees to undergo mandatory training and the time spent on the training was not compensated. Employees were thus denied minimum wage and overtime wages in violation of the law.

According to the complaint, Papa John’s “has engaged in a scheme to require [p]laintiffs and similarly situated employees to engage in mandatory training through Papa John’s corporate website without paying them for the time they spent performing such work. As a result, [p]laintiffs and similarly situated employees were denied minimum wages and/or overtime wages in violation” of the law.

The suit seeks to add all current and former Papa John’s employees who live in California who worked at any location in California within the past four years through the final disposition of the case.

Likewise, it seeks to add all current and former employees in New York who worked for Papa John’s for the last six years through completion of the case.

In addition, the suit seeks to bring in, as collective action members, “all current and former Papa John’s employees who worked at any location nationwide at any time within the three years prior to the date of filing of this [c]omplaint through the date of the final disposition of this action who were denied minimum and/or overtime wages in connection with Papa John’s policy or practice of requiring mandatory training to be completed off-the-clock,” the complaint states.

The plaintiffs are represented by Melinda Arbuckle who filed the case in the Central District of California, Southern Division.

Image Source: Blue MauMau (Flickr)