Citizen Bank Manager Sued for Sexual Harassment

The employee says he was the victim of a continuous and egregious pattern of sexual harassment at the hands of his boss. The harassment occurred both in front of coworkers and in private.

He says he was berated in front of coworkers after reporting the harassment.

Anthony Flores says the harassment started when his boss, former Newton, Pennsylvania branch manager Andrew Charlton, sent him a YouTube video of a naked man chasing other men around. According to the complaint, the video had an accompanying message that stated Anthony would be one of the men being chased.

Later, while discussing a lunch order, Flores says Charlton told him he wanted Flores to toss his salad, a colloquial term for analingus.

According to the complaint, Flores reported the harassment to human resources, but Citizens Bank failed to take action.

“Throughout the entirety of [Flores’] employment, Charlton would look at the prints of private parts of male customers and tell [Flores] he would perform oral sex on that customer,” the complaint states. Prints in the complaint refer to the outline of the plaintiff’s private parts on their clothing, according to counsel for Flores.

Other harassment included Charlton telling Flores that he could tell he had been “doing his squats because he did not have an ass before,” according to the complaint.

“On several occasions and through the entirety of [Flores’] employment, Charlton gestured towards grabbing [Flores’] buttocks,” the complaint states.

After Charlton discovered that Flores had reported his behavior to human resources, the complaint says he aggressively berated Flores, falsely accused him of stealing and then reported that he had quit.

Flores says he is now suffering “severe injuries including anxiety, emotional distress and extreme mental anguish,” according to the complaint.

He sues on five counts, ranging from retaliation to assault, and is represented by attorney Don S. Ginsburg. The case was filed in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, with Judge Nitza I. Quinones Alejandro presiding.

Representatives form Citizens Bank did not return an email requesting comment.